Medford / Rogue Valley Watering Basics

What Time of Day Should I Water?

Run sprinklers between midnight and 6 a.m. to avoid water loss to evaporation and wind. Also, water pressure will be more reliable during the early morning hours due to less competition with other water uses.

How Long Should I Water?

Medford and much of the surrounding area has clay soil, which does not absorb water quickly.  In fact, runoff can occur after running some sprinklers for as little as five minutes.  Precise watering times differ depending on the type of watering device, slope, soil and plants being watered.  See additional information on watering devices, general tips and sample irrigation schedules to assist you in tailoring watering times to your specific landscape.

How Often Should I Water?

Since plant water needs change throughout the seasons it is important to adjust your watering regularly.  See our sample watering schedule for approximate number of minutes to water lawns per week. Dividing this time up throughout the week, you will typically water lawns for 2 to 5 days depending on the time of year.  Throughout the sprinkling season, use the “cycle and soak” method described later to obtain beneficial deep watering with fewer watering days. Following are some general guidelines:

  • Winter:  No irrigation is needed as plants are dormant.

  • Spring:  Water needs increase when plants start growing, but rainfall is often sufficient.  Ongoing sprinkling may not be necessary. Watering seldom but deeply will encourage healthy root growth.

  • Summer: Water needs increase until late July, and then begin declining.  Daily watering may be beneficial during brief very hot periods, but 4 to 5 days per week is often plenty.

  • Fall:  With days getting shorter, water needs are coming down, so even during warm periods, water less often than during the summer. Some sprinkling may be needed until rains arrive, but irrigation systems can typically be shut off near the end of October.

During the sprinkling season, call our Infoline at 541-774-2460 for watering times based on actual current weather.

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